Partnership with BioBus


CILS Core Facility Hosts BioBus

The Institute for Chemical Imaging of Living Systems has partnered with BioBus to bring science to underprivileged students and communities around the Metro Boston area. As a satellite location, the CILS Core will function as a space for local schools to provide students with a high-level view into imaging, biology, and other science disciplines.

Zeiss Microscopy has generously donated 8 microscopes to BioBus to utilize in the CILS Core Facility. 

This partnership has been led by Vivek Venkatachalam, CILS member and Assistant Professor of Physics, and Mollie Thurman, Chief Community Scientist at BioBus.  

Vivek Venkatachalam

CILS Member and Assistant Professor of Physics

Mollie Thurman

Chief Community Scientist at BioBus


I have been able to accomplish so many things that I wouldn’t have imagined possible. My love of both science and kids has manifested and cultivated from this amazing program…BioBus’ loving community has impacted my life for the better, which I will always be a part of and cherish deeply.

– Vanessa, BioBus intern

“I didn’t think scientists looked like you!”

“This is the best bus in US History!”

“This isn’t a bus, this is the future!”