Bruker BioSpec 3T MRI

Our MRI facility provides preclinical imaging services for the Boston community’s research needs at competitive rates. In vivo expertise provided.

Prerequisite: Bioraft High Magnetic Fields Safety Training

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Zeiss LSM 880

Instrument Snapshot

The Bruker BioSpec 3T MRI features a 8.2 cm inner diameter RF coil for large rat studies, complete with a motorized animal positioning system for routine handling and increased throughput with automated multistage, whole body imaging.

With over 100 validated and ready-to-use in vivo protocols and scan programs for mice and rats, this high resolution imaging instrument will provide clear in-vivo images for your studies.

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Automated animal positioning


Mulitmodal rat/mouse cradle


Two body volume coils for rat/mouse


Localized MR Spectroscopy


Internal NU


External Academia




Additional Resources

Bruker BioSpec 3T Brochure


Introduction to Technological and Multimodal Advances in Preclinical PET Imaging

Small Animal 13C-Hyperpolarized MRI: Hardware, Agents & Applications

Other Instruments

Zeiss Axio Observer (Demo, Inverted)

NU user: Free

Epifluorescence: DAPI, GFP, DsRed, Cy 5

Objective: 10×, 20×, 40×, 63×, 100×

Immunofluorescence labeled tissue or cell culture imaging

Zeiss LSM 880

Zeiss LSM 880 (Inverted)

NU user: $50/hr; Academia: $70/hr; Industry: $90/hr

Laser line: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594, 640 nm

Objective: 10×20×40×40×63×

Cage incubator, CO2/O2 control

Superresolution (Airyscan)

Spectral Unmixing

Zeiss Light Sheet Z1

NU user: $50/hr; Academia: $70/hr; Industry: $90/hr

Laser line: 405, 488, 561, 638 nm

Objective: 5×, 10×-water20×-CLARITY

CO2/temperature control

Large scale 3D tissue imaging

arivis Vision4D software

Our facility

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex

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