Zeiss Axiozoom V16 (Upright)


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Zeiss LSM 880

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Axio Zoom V16 combines a 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture of NA 0.25, moving to the forefront of all known stereo and zoom microscopes. It achieves a very high aperture in the medium zoom range already: You get superior brightness in large object fields. With Axio Zoom.V16, the fluorescence zoom microscope for large samples you view complete model organisms in fluorescence contrast.

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Continuous zoom with high NA


Large field of view


Apotome.2 Structured Illumination Module


In vivo and model organism imaging


Internal NU


External Academia




Additional Resources

Carl Zeiss Microscopy Online Campus

Education in Microscopy and Digital Imaging

Zeiss Axio Zoom V16

The Fluorescence Zoom Microscope for Large Fields

Other Instruments

Zeiss LSM 880 NLO (Upright)

NU user: $55/hr; Academia: $75/hr; Industry: $95/hr

Laser line: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594, 640 nm

NIR Laser: tunable line (680-1300 nm); fixed line -1045 nm

Objective: 10×20×20×, 40×20×-CLARITY

Multi-photon imaging, Spectral Unmixing

Superresolution (Airyscan)

Prerequisite: Bioraft Laser Safety Training Part I and II

Zeiss Axio Observer (Demo, Inverted)

NU user: free; Academia: $30/h; Industry: $50/h

Epifluorescence: DAPI, GFP, DsRed, Cy 5

Objective: 10×, 20×, 40×, 63×, 100×

Immunofluorescence labeled tissue or cell culture imaging

Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX S Flow Cytometer

NU user: $40/hr; Academia: $70/hr; Industry: $130/hr

4 laser lines: 405, 488, 561, 638

13 color detection

Can load tube or various well plates for analysis

Violet side scatter for small particle detection

Able to interface experiment design into SRT sorter

Our facility

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex

ISEC 080, 805 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA, 02115