Zeiss LSM 800

Our microscopy facility features cutting-edge confocal laser scanning microscopes with Airyscan from Zeiss. Our goal is to advance the research of the Boston community by offering competitive pricing and expertise.

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Instrument Snapshot

The Zeiss LSM 800 is a compact confocal laser scanning microscope for high-end confocal imaging. This model has increased image quality, higher image output, and allows for easy imaging of live cells.

This confocal microscope has been used for a wide range of scientific applications from live cell culture imaging to model organisms, such as C. elegans and zebra fish. 

Low laser powers avoid photobleaching and phototoxicity in live cell imaging applications.

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Laser line: 405, 488, 561, 640 nm


Objective: 10×20×40×63×


Fixed cell/tissue imaging


Image Tiling/FRAP/Well-Plate Imaging

Sample Images

Brain Microvascular Network

Instrument: Zeiss LSM 800
Brain endothelial cells: dTomato (red). Pericytes: NG-2 (purple). Astrocytes: GFAP (green)
Credit: Max Winkelman/Dai Lab

SARS-CoV-2 RBD & N Proteins

Instrument: Zeiss LSM 8oo confocal
In polymer walls of oxygen-generating COVID-19 cryogel-based vaccine
Credit: Colombani Thibault/Bencherif Lab

Cultured Microvascular Networks

Instrument: Zeiss LSM 8oo confocal
Formed under static and flow conditions within a 3D fibrin matrix
Credit: Max Winkelman/Dai Lab


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Additional Resources

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ZEISS LSM 800 Manual

Applications, system, technology and details

ZEISS LSM 800 for Materials

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Other Instruments

Preclinical Imaging Ultrasounds

Visualsonics Vevo F2 Ultrasounds

NU user: $60/h; Academia: $110/h; Industry: $140/h

UHF57x, UHF29x, P10 transducer probes

Prerequisite: Bioraft Biosafety Training

Zeiss Axiozoom V16 (Upright)

NU user: $25/hr; Academia: $35/hr; Industry: $50/hr

Continuous zoom with high NA

Large field of view

Apotome.2 Structured Illumination Module

In vivo and model organism imaging

Zeiss Axio Observer (Demo, Inverted)

NU user: free; Academia: $30/h; Industry: $50/h

Epifluorescence: DAPI, GFP, DsRed, Cy 5

Objective: 10×, 20×, 40×, 63×, 100×

Immunofluorescence labeled tissue or cell culture imaging

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